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Infuriating Storey

(not fic, just randomly named characters you don't know, in a crappy romance type novel setting)
I decided to use as many homonyms as possible, to write something that makes perfect sense if read aloud but it complete hell to read.

*This is unlocked and repostable, if anyone should wish to torment their friends. Just credit if you do, okay?
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Fun with a scammer

I'm considering a new (well, newer) vehicle and I saw this ad that was too good to be true. I sent a message, just for the hell of it. There was always that 1% chance it was legit, though I wasn't counting on that.
Doing searches on my own, I've learned that this particular truck has been "for sale" since April of 2000, and there are currently over 200 ads for it in so many cities all over. Yeah it's a scam, but I've been pretending to fall for it just to see how far I can push this guy.
Oh, the actual blue book value of this truck would be around $12k, that gives you some perspective.
I decided to post our correspondence, I'll update this until the game ends. Nope I didn't edit out his info, only mine. For the record, he has none of my info aside from my email, which is not under my actual name.
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Band Story- Final fragment found

Band History
Please do not be offended

This bit was never in the book, I found it on an old disc. Might as well include it. I tried to tack it onto the last part, but it made it too long.
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Band Story Part 4

Band History
Please do not be offended
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Band Story Part 3

Band History
Please do not be offended
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Band Story Part 2

Band History
Please do not be offended
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Band Story Part 1

Band History
Please do not be offended
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A Guide To Understanding The Introverted

This is pretty awesome, and completely fucking true
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Have some happy music

Because why not. But keep in mind that I have pretty weird taste so my ideas of happy music might not be yours.
Also, variety.
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New cool freaky thing

I got something really neat at the flea market today.
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